People describe me in many ways: fun, generous, creative, impulsive, perfectionist, passionate, go-getter.  But to some, I’m an absolute contradiction.  Perhaps that’s because I’m just as comfortable in a little black dress as I am using a chainsaw.  To me, it all makes sense.

As a trained- architect-turned-production-designer, I’ve tackled some of the most exciting shows in Hollywood including The Amazing Race, Big Brother and Face Off.  I’ve had a blast lending my talents and artistic vision to shows for CBS, NBC, ABC, Syfy, Discovery and History among others.   I love what I do and I guess it shows -- maybe that’s why I’ve gone from working behind the scenes on Face Off and Dream.On. to appearing on camera for both shows.

I’ve always had a natural eye for design.  Prior to booking a one-way flight to LA, I studied and worked as an architect in Sweden and Denmark.   Before that, I grew up swinging a hammer and playing in the dirt with a horse as my best friend.   As a free spirited teenager, I started spending all my spare time traveling the world.  I learned how to cook in China, crossed glaciers in Switzerland and traveled around Indonesia on a motorcycle.  To this day, I still throw on my tool belt to tackle new ideas around the house.

Fun facts about me:

I have the loudest sneeze you’ve ever heard.
I use the name “Bob” at Starbucks because they can never spell my name.
I can’t watch a movie straight through, unless I’m at a movie theater.
I always “art direct” my food.
I love my dog Olive Marie as if she was my child.